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Diablogato Old Scratch or S/T CD


Our music! On compact disc!

Diablogato (debut s/t album) - 11 Tracks - 2016


Old Scratch (new release) - 7 Tracks - 2019

Old Scratch has five original songs and two cover songs. Diablogato continue to evolve as a band and their newest songs underscore how limitless the possibilities are for them. Songs like Too Far Gone and Boston Blood, Memphis Heart (Get On Up) are immediately memorable. Blasphemy is all feel. Magic 8-Ball packs swing and punk rock energy into the same mix. The last two songs on the EP are covers of Boston past. Diablogato go toe-to-toe with the energy of the Kings of Nuthin’ original on All I’ve Lost. They take a Ducky Boys song and take it in an entirely new but improved direction. Both covers have members of the original bands joining in. There are seven songs in all and the first thing you will do is put it on again for a second pass.